How do I Become a Sports Coach?

To enable you to operate as a coach in a particular sport and to further develop your coaching skills and knowledge, you need to become qualified by gaining a recognised coaching qualification from the relevant National Governning Body (NGB) of Sport (EG. Badminton England, Rugby Football Union).

The coaching qualifications usually start at Level 1, which is aimed at an 'Assistant Coach'. A Level 2 qualification normally allows a coach to lead a session and qualifications go right through to Level 4, aimed at 'Master Coaches'.

Minimum Standards of Deployment

SASSOT recommend the following minimum standards of deployment for sports coaches that have been agreed by a range of local partners further to national guidance. As a coach, you should be aiming to meet these standards to safeguard yourself and the people you coach.

  • Level 1 NGB sport specific qualified and age 16 to assist a coaching session
  • Level 2 NGB sport specific qualified and age 18 to lead a coaching session
  • CRB check
  • Emergency First Aid qualification
  • Attendance at Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop
  • A minimum of £5million Public Liability Insurance

Getting Started with Coaching

Coaching can be very rewarding and can take place in a variety of settings from clubs, to lesiure centres and to schools and can be paid or voluntary. There are lots of things to consider first including the right qualifications and this can be quite daunting. Click on this link to find out more about getting started as a sports coach.

Find Coaching Qualifications for your Sport

Getting qualified to coach in a particular sport that you are interested in is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to sports coaching and can set you on the right path to have the recommended minimum standards of deployment as outlined above. It can also help you out with great ideas of how to coach and drills and techniques that you can apply to a real coaching session.

Below you will find links to a range of coaching sections of NGB websites to help you find out more and see what courses are running locally in Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

Athletics Coaching Pages

South Staffordshire Athletics Network

England Athletics

Badminton Coaching Pages

Staffordshire County Badminton Association

Badminton England

Cricket Coaching Pages

Staffordshire Cricket

England and Wales Cricket Board

Football Coaching Pages

Staffordshire Football Association

The Football Association

Netball Coaching Pages

Staffordshire Netball

England Netball

Rugby Football Union Coaching Pages

Staffordshire Rugby Union

The Rugby Football Union

Swimming Coaching Pages

West Midlands Swimming

The Institute of Swimming

Amatuer Swimming Association

Funding for Coaching Qualifications

Coaching qualifications vary in cost between NGB's and you may be suitable to apply for financial grants to help you meet the cost of these qualifications. Applications to the SASSOT Sports Club Accreditation Fund can include the costs of coaching qualifications and there is also a new funding guide available that lists a range of funding opportunities that are available.

Keep up with the Latest News

To keep up with the latest sports coaching news including training opportunities and funding, make sure you register and keep your profile up to date on SASSOT Coaching. Set your contact preferences to receive communication about coaching and then you will receive the monthly SASSOT Coaching Newsletter by email.

UK Coaching Certificate

A number of NGB's are involved in the UK Coaching Certificate, an initiative to endorse coach education across sports within the UK against agreed criteria. The endorsement process aims to develop a standardised approach to the content, delivery and assessment of coaching qualifications. The content of each level of qualifciation should result in the same level of knowledge and competencies for a coach, irrespective of which sport the qualification is in.

For more information on the UK Coaching Certificate, please click here to visit the sportscoachUK website.